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Bowen's Cafe

Project Description

Bowen's Cafe is a family managed Western Food Cafe.The goal wasn't to showcase their food, but to showcase their brand through the food & emotions. To perfectly replicate the persona that Bowen's Cafe embodied to make the brand hit home for their customers.

Design . Photography . Brand Strategy
By just taking pictures of their food would be a disservice to their craft and business. Our agency worked alongside Bowen's to understand each dish's story so that we could tell their story through this project

Home & Warmth
Western Delicacies

Visual Mapping . Pre-Production . Production . Post Production . Brand Strategy

Family . Warmth . Diligence

Bowen's Cafe's character extends beyond their culinary offerings. The dedicated team begins their day at 5 am, ensuring they source the freshest ingredients at the most reasonable rates, all to provide their patrons with delightful dishes at fair prices. The café's ambiance and the familial harmony among the staff exude a welcoming and snug atmosphere. Our task was to encapsulate and mirror that diligent, inviting, and snug essence.
Our efforts with Bowen's Cafe is still ongoing.