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Humble Bakery

Project Description

Humble Bakery engaged our agency to promote their distinctive pastries. Yet, recognising that exceptional products alone may not suffice, our focus shifted towards enhancing their brand visibility and crafting a tailored brand strategy.

Design . Photography . Cinematography . Marketing & Brand Strategy
We recognise that promoting unique products is a short-term approach. Our aim was to establish a strategy with lasting impact, ensuring that customers come to identify them as a brand, rather than just their individual products.

Marketing the product,
Marketing The Brand.

Brand Strategy . Marketing Strategy . Pre-Production . Production . Post Production

Our strategy wasn't about promoting the scones and pastries; it was about showcasing their brand. Through our cinematography, we integrated the essence of Humble Bakery's personality to conjure up a feeling of warmth, simplicity, and humility that truly embodies our client's identity.

Humble Flavours

To unlock the rich flavours of Humble Bakery, our team delved deep into their individual products, meticulously capturing the entire creation process, all while ensuring the cinematography resonated with the brand's distinct visual identity. By deconstructing every facet of their offerings, we aimed to underscore our client's transparency and unwavering commitment, inviting customers to experience the authenticity of Humble Bakery from the inside out.

Our marketing efforts are still on-going with Humble Bakery.