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Milligram Prints

Project Description

In order to distinguish Milligram from its competitors, our primary emphasis was on promoting the brand itself rather than the services it obviously offers. Our efforts were dedicated to rebranding Milligram as part of our marketing strategy.

Design . Photography . Cinematography . Marketing & Brand Strategy
Our business philosophy holds true for all of our clients and it's been proven to work. In the case of Milligram, we refrained from simply promoting their standard photo-printing services, something common among all photo-print companies. Rather, our strategy centered around brand marketing. Our focus was not on advertising the act of printing photos, but on evoking the emotional connection of preserving tangible memories. Leveraging their unique brand identity, we successfully differentiated Milligram from its competition. By comprehending their target audience and business model, we formulated a tailored strategy that significantly increased Milligram's sales within their market.

Identifying the Brand

In order to distinguish Milligram from its competitors, our first step is to pinpoint their target audience and convey the personality that resonates with their customers. Subsequently, we must create a visual system that accurately reflects this identity without compromising Milligram's original essence.

Consumer Connection

To translate the essence of capturing cherished moments while taking a photograph with a loved one, we harnessed the emotional significance embedded within each image. Rather than marketing the services offered by Milligram Prints, we offered the enchantment of transforming your memories into tangible prints.
Our marketing efforts are still ongoing with Milligram Prints