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Singapore Island Country Club

Project Description

To convey the genuine essence of top-tier ingredients and culinary creations with minimal embellishments and restrained editing, aiming to highlight the innate beauty of the dishes and ingredients.

Design . Photography
Located within the premises of the Singapore Island Country Club, OKA is a Japanese cuisine establishment that commissioned us to photograph their dishes for menu and advertising purposes. Operating within an indoor setting with the influence of outdoor lighting, our task demanded meticulous attention and precise time management to maintain the continuity of natural lighting.

Japanese Restaurant Photography Concept

Visual Mapping . Pre-Production . Production . Post Production .

To capture the food's authentic real-life qualities

Our aim was to flawlessly immortalise the restaurant's delectable offerings, bathed in the ambiance of natural light, sans any unnecessary embellishments. Our team operated with lightning speed, meticulously controlling the ambient lighting, all in pursuit of unwavering visual uniformity in our snapshots. The visual direction our team chose was one of elegant minimalism, an approach that seeks to faithfully mirror the authentic appearance of these culinary delights.