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SpookOut 2023: An Augmented Reality Halloween Event

Project Description

SpookOut, a Halloween extravaganza, extended throughout the entire month of October in 2023. Our agency assumed the forefront in promoting this event, handling the creation of its assets and crafting the app's design.

Design . Brand Strategy . Marketing Strategy . Experience .
SpookOut, an augmented reality Halloween extravaganza, unfolded throughout the entirety of October 2023. This event aimed to elevate the social atmosphere in bars during Halloween by offering a gamified experience, with enticing prizes awaiting participants. Our agency spearheaded the game's development, the application's UI/UX design, and marketing initiatives, in close collaboration with our software development partner.

Social Halloween Event

Marketing . Marketing Strategy . Design . Design Strategy

Product Branding

UIUX Case Study

UIUX case study for SpookOut will be updated soon.
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